Who doesn’t love a good DIY project? There are so many different types of projects to DIY, but some of the best ones are when it saves you from having to call the professionals into your home! This doesn’t have to stop at your plumbing pipes, either. Did you know that through soldering, you can bring your copper plumbing pipes back together with a leak tight seal? With the utilization of the Iso-Tip Pro 50 Butane Soldering Iron along with its Torch Tip are the perfect pair to solder back your pipes back together.

Pro 50 Butane Soldering Iron Kit (#7971)


The Pro 50 Butane Iron has a run time of up to 30 minutes, has a torch temperature of 2400F°, and is ready to use within 20 seconds of ignition. Our Torch Tip (#7992-003) turns the Pro 50 into a torch so it’s ready to solder those copper pipes back together. (Click on the links above to go to each respective page.)




Soldering Copper Plumbing Pipe


The video ‘How to Solder Copper Pipe The CORRECT Way‘ by the YouTuber Got2Learn does an excellent job at showing you the step by step instructions on how to solder your copper plumbing pipes.



Click here to purchase a Pro 50, and here to purchase the Torch Tip today to get started on repairing your home’s plumbing pipes! 


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