The possibilities for what to use a soldering iron for are endless. Some different options are using it for crafts, DIY’s, and repairs. Did you know that one type of repair that you can use a soldering iron for is for roofs and gutters? With the use of a soldering iron, you can fix cracks and holes alike to promote a leakproof seam. With the proper information and research, you can do it yourself. You won’t need to call a handyman for your roof ever again!

Iso-Tip Power Pro Advanced Cordless Soldering Iron Kit – Model 8000


Iso-Tip’s Power Pro Advanced Soldering Iron is the perfect tool for this. Designed for those who want to be efficient with their soldering, the 8000 heats up quickly and features a lithium iron phosphate battery. You won’t need any cords or long wires to lug around or get tangled up in while you’re up on your roof soldering away. This soldering iron can heat up to 900F within 10 seconds! Fixing your roofs and gutters to keep rainy days outside have never been easier.

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Soldering Roofs and Gutters


The article ‘Soldering and Metal Roofing‘ explains how to properly solder when it comes to metal roofing, take a look before starting on your own!


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