7550-100 Three PackWe get quite a few customers that ask us what soldering tips they can use in their soldering iron. The answer is easy! First, are you looking for tips for a cordless soldering iron or a butane iron?

If you have a butane iron (#7971, #7974, #7977) you can use any of the Pro tips listed. Click here to see the complete catalog.

Click here to check out our butane iron soldering tips!

If you are using our cordless soldering irons (#7700, #7800, #7904) you can use any tips from the high efficiency, long life, and standard families. Click here to see the complete catalog. We thought we’d make it easy, make them universal. There are 14 different styles of tips, and if you’ve never looked check them out.

Click here to check out our cordless iron soldering tips!

Our Long Life tips are nickel-plated to withstand long period of soldering time. Long Life tips are recommended for those who solder numerous connections. Soldering time is approximately 20 percent longer than our standard tips.

Our High-Efficiency tips heat up faster and provide 20 percent more soldering time than our standard tips. Tips reach soldering temperature in less than ten seconds and reach temperature of approximately 900°F.

Our Standard tips, which are anything but Standard, match any job and easily snap in and out of all Iso-Tip rechargeable soldering irons.