We get quite a few customers that ask us “What tip can I buy for my soldering iron?”  The answer is easy! First, are you looking for tips for a cordless soldering iron or a butane iron? If you have a butane iron (#7971, #7974, #7977) you can use any of the Pro tips listed.  If you are using our cordless soldering irons (#7700, #7800, #7904) you can use any tips from the high efficiency, long life, and/or standard families.  We thought we’d make it easy, make them universal… made sense.  There are 14 different styles of tips, and if you’ve never looked check them out.  They’re interesting. Still not sure?  Just visit our shop, find your iron, and within the product description you will see which tips match your iron.  It really is that easy!

High-Efficiency Tips 3 Pack Regular, Micro and Beveled (#7550-100)

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