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Battery Operated Soldering Iron Reviews

Comes with case and a little bit of solder. Heats up fast and Iso Tip has the best reputation. Would definitely buy again.


I’ve used one of these for 20 years. It’s rugged, and quite capable.

D. Swisher

One of the best sold ering irons I have used. Ready in no time. You don’t have to worry about sitting it down to cool off as the holder is right there.

C. Traver

I used this model at work on an almost daily basis. It works very well. Heats up fast.


If you need one, I recommend this one wholeheartedly.

T. Neimi



Yes it does require charging, but it is very convenient and heats up very fast.

Joel Ward

Iso-Tip irons are an industry standard, and still the best IMO.

Mr. Fixit

This is the best portable soldering iron I have ever used.

G.E. Health

They are just so convenient for electronic soldering work. Press the button and in seconds its ready use. No cord, no wait for iron to heat up, no table top damage or burns from an iron that takes forever to cool back down.

D. Mead

You are thinking, cordless, how could that possibly work? Well, I don’t know but it does. I’ve had this for years.


It has worked flawlessly for me.

M. Fisher

Butane Soldering Iron Reviews

These heat very fast, and have a wide range of heat output for many uses.

P. Grace

This is good getting a pin point flame where you need it.

E. Funk

This is the first soldering torch I have ever bought and I’m very impressed with it.

J.E. Perez

Very reliable, fires up instantly every time.

C. Alverez

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