Here at Iso-Tip we get a question every once in a while asking about how to troubleshoot Iso-Tip Butane Soldering Irons. Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers about our butane irons.

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Butane Soldering Iron FAQ 

What Butane Should I Use? Butane soldering iron troubleshoot

We recommend triple filtered Butane, we use the Master Appliance Butane. It can be found on Amazon here.

What if My Tool is Leaking?

For the Pro 120, we have noticed that most of the leaks come from the bottom of the iron where the screw is located. There is a small o-ring and screw that could be wearing out, which reduces the seal for the butane. The Pro 120 has an extra seal included with the package. If the seal has been used, or cannot be located, contact us! We may have an extra one laying around the office.

For the Pro 50, the fill valve can start leaking, this would require the o-ring and the valve to be replaced. Just like the Pro 120 the wear on the o-ring causes the leakage. If you need a replacement valve, screw, and/or o-ring be sure to contact us, and we can get some shipped out to you.

Butane Build Up?

Sometimes customers notice that our irons are not getting up to temperature or receiving enough heat. To do that there are a few steps to get rid of that butane build up. Make sure you ignite the tool 50 times to clear off some of that build up. If it is still not giving off enough heat, clean the head with isopropylene. This should fix the issue of not receiving enough heat. As noted above, make sure that you are using triple filtered butane, that will reduce the build up over time.

What Tips Should I use as a Replacement?

The tips should screw up counterclockwise for a replacement tip. All of our “Pro” tips are compatible with our current Pro 50 model and our obsolete Pro 70 model. All of the “Pro Industrial” tips are all compatible with our Pro 120 butane iron. Our Pro 90 iron only has the tips that are in the kit available for replacements. Click here for a more in depth look the tips for our irons.

Is Iso-Tip the Manufacturer of the Butane Tools?

No, Iso-Tip is not the manufacturer. We do our best to support these products, but this is why we don’t offer replacement parts like we do for our rechargeable battery powered tools.

Butane Soldering Soldering Irons

The versatile Smart Solder Pro line of cordless soldering irons7971 can be adapted for use as a torch, hot knife and heat tool by simply changing out the tip. Powered by readily available butane, rather than electricity, you will never need to worry about electricity leaking into sensitive circuits. The Smart Solder Pro irons are dependable under all types of weather conditions, compact, portable and ready to use within 20 seconds of ignition.

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If there are any questions feel free to contact us we are here and happy to help!