You asked, we answered! We’re here to talk about Iso-Tip’s upgrade program!

As much as we would love to keep producing every product Iso-Tip has ever made, some products just don’t sell well or are replaced by a newer version, so we have to obsolete the old ones at time. We often have customers come to us asking for parts or repairs on their older, obsolete irons. Unfortunately we are not always able to do so, simply because we no longer have any replacement pieces. However, we do offer a couple of other solutions.

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The #1 request we get on repairs for old irons, is a battery replacement. Typically in older irons, this is the first thing to go bad. We do have a couple of replacement battery options available here, but they are only for specific irons, and are not universal. If a customer calls in looking for a battery replacement that we do not have, our first suggestion is to visit their local battery store (IE: Batteries Plus) as they are usually able to help them find a suitable battery. If that doesn’t work, they are not interested in doing so, or are just wanting to purchase a new iron, we tell them about the upgrade program.

The upgrade program applies to those customers who have an older, obsolete iron that is in poor working condition that we are not able to repair or replace. If they wish to place an order for a new iron due to this, we give them a 20% discount on their order. And here’s the best part, you can keep your obsolete iron! No need to send it into us to receive the discount.

If you’re thinking about upgrading your iron, the best one on the market at this time is our new Model 8000 Advanced Power Pro Soldering Iron, that can be found here! We’ve upgraded the battery in this iron from a NiCd to a LiFePO4, which is both environmentally friendly, and has a longer life span than the NiCd’s!

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If you are interested in our upgrade program, please contact us here, at, or call us at (715) 318-2822 and we will create a coupon code to be used at checkout for you.