What Kind of Cordless Soldering Iron Tip Is Right For You?

Each cordless soldering iron tip is different here at Iso-Tip. We take pride in having a large variety of different tips to fit all your soldering needs. There are three different styles that we offer. We offer Long Life, High-Efficiency and Standard Tips.

Standard Tips

First we’ll talk about our Standard Tips, though to be completely honest there is nothing standard about them! These tips match any job and they easily snap in and out of all Iso-Tip rechargeable soldering irons. Standard tips reach soldering temperature (900°F) in less than 10 seconds. We have eight different tips to choose from:

Standard Regular Tip (#7535) Standard Chisel Tip (#7577) Standard Blunt Tip (#7572) Standard Beveled Tip (#7579) Standard Fine Tip (#7545)Standard Extended Micro Tip (#7591) Standard Micro Tip (#7566)
Standard Heavy Duty Tip (#7546)


High-Efficiency Tips

Now moving on to our High-Efficiency Tips. These heat up faster while using less battery power to do so, which allows them to provide 20 percent more soldering time than our standard tips.These tips also match any job and easily snap in and out of all Iso-Tip rechargeable soldering irons. We offer seven different tips for you to choose from:


High-Efficiency Regular Tip (#7535-100) High-Efficiency Chisel Tip (#7577-100) High-Efficiency Beveled Tip (#7579-100) High-Efficiency Fine Tip (#7545-100) High-Efficiency Micro Tip (#7566-100)

High-Efficiency Tube Sealer Tip


Long Life Tips

Last but not least are our Long Life Tips. These tips are iron-nickel-plated to withstand longer periods of soldering time. There is a three-step process that our Long Life Tips go through to provide maximum life for extended usages

  1. The copper shell is iron plated to resist erosion
  2. Nickel and Chromium plated to resist corrosion
  3. Tinned to provide efficient heat transfer

We recommend our Long Life Tips for someone who is soldering multiple connections. Our Long Life Tips provide users 20 percent more soldering time than our Standard Tips, and they heat up to 900°F in less than ten seconds. We offer two different Long Life Tips for your soldering needs:


Long Life Ultra Tip (#7482)Long Life Micro Tip (#7484)






If there are any additional questions about our tips please contact us!