Wood Burning with a TorchHere at Iso-Tip, we talk a lot about the art of wood burning. If you are new to the topic, wood burning is an art form that is traditionally done with a heat tool, such as a pyrography pen or soldering iron. However, you can also do wood burning with a torch and torch paste. Wood burning with a torch offers a unique and versatile approach to creating wood burned art. Iso-Tip’s Micro-Therm Heat Gun – Model #7975 is the perfect tool to explore this technique. This compact and powerful heat gun is specifically designed for precision work and provides a controlled and consistent heat source.

To get started, you will need wood, the torch paste, and of course, the Micro-Therm Heat Gun. Start by sketching your design on the wood surface using a pencil or transfer paper. Then, apply a thin layer of torch paste on the areas you wish to burn.Micro-Therm Heat Gun

Next, turn on your Iso-Tip heat gun and set it to a low temperature. Slowly move the heat gun over the torch paste, allowing the heat to activate the burning process. Adjust the heat gun’s speed and distance to achieve the desired effect and control the depth of the burn.

Experiment with different techniques, such as shading, stippling, or hatching, to add texture and dimension to your wood burned art. Take your time and let your creativity guide you as you create unique and personalized pieces.

In conclusion, wood burning with a torch using Iso-Tip’s Micro-Therm Heat Gun – Model #7975 and torch paste opens up a world of artistic possibilities. Unleash your creativity, explore new techniques, and create beautiful wood burned art that will captivate and inspire. Get started on your wood burning journey today!