Copper Soldering

Alright, everyone get ready to see some copper soldering using an Iso-Tip SolderPro 90. First things first, break out your SolderPro 90 out as well as some pennies that were made before 1983. Because today we are making a polished copper ball. Grab your doming block and ball punches, it is time to start creating. The goal is to get the two pennies to match up as close as possible. Once they are as similar in size as they can possibly be, sand those suckers down. Now it is time for the fun part…the SOLDERING.

First, you want to put some flux on those pennies. Once that is done set up your pliers contraption, which is shown in the video. The next step is to heat up the seam and use a paint brush technique to get the solder where you need it to go. Once soldered make sure that your file off the excess and wipe that copper ball down nice and clean. Voilà there you go, a very impressive copper ball made from two pennies.

If you are struggling on what to get your significant other for their birthday or anniversary, we just gave you the best idea in town! Hear me out on this, who would not love a fancy dinner and a soldered copper ball?


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