Over at Iso-Tip we commonly hear the complaint that the Model 7800 cordless soldering iron gets hot. But, what’s hot?

If you’re the owner of the Model 7800 Cordless Soldering Iron, you may have noticed a snap disc thermostat* assembly on the battery pack. When the user presses the white lever, they are sending the soldering iron into the fast charge mode, causing the battery to heat. The snap disc then senses the temperature changes and “snaps” at 125°F ±8°F. Once cooled down to 105°F the snap disc automatically resets, returning the battery to normal state. Also note, if the red LED light never comes on, it’s likely the snap disc plunger is stuck.

*Psst, did you know we make snap disc thermostats too? Check them out here.

So what is hot? Well, being the snap disc isn’t triggered until 125°F, if you place a temperature probe on the outside of the soldering iron you’re more than likely to find it to read out 105°F. But if you are seeing above 135°F, then you may have a problem.

*Please note: We have obsoleted this iron, so we no longer have replacement parts or the ability to repair the 7800. We do have a great upgrade program though, feel free to contact us here to learn more about that!*