Solder Tips

One of the great parts about our soldering irons is that we have a good variety of solder tips, making our irons good for different types of jobs. Swapping out tips is easy, and we’ve got a good selection to choose from.

Iso-Tip Cordless TipsStandard Tips

If you only ever get one type of tip, you’ll want this one. Standard tips are good for any general purpose soldering. Our irons all come with a standard tip so they’re ready to use right away.

Chisel Tips

Chisel tips have a large surface area, so they are good for working on larger components. They have a higher heat transfer than other tips, so they are also good for quick jobs. However, they should not be used to precision work, as their large size would make that difficult.

Micro Tips

Micro tips are good for precision soldering. High gauge wire and sensitive components should be worked on with a micro tip. These should not be used with larger components, as their lower level of heat transfer would make this difficult.

You can take a look at all the different kinds of tips we have here. If you want to read another article about solder tips, I would recommend this one.

And as always, be sure to contact us with any questions.