Recently, YouTuber KK6USY Ham Radio Adventures expressed interest in experimenting with one of our soldering irons. After some discussions, he decided to make a review on our #7710 soldering iron kit!

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At the start of the video, he introduces us here at Iso-Tip, what we sell, and our rechargeable soldering iron. At the end of his intro, he mentions how cool he found our #7700 soldering iron, which is the iron that comes with the kit. He also offered some tips when first starting up the iron, such as the smoke when heating up is due to leftover oils from the tip burning.

Cordless Soldering Iron Projects

After this introduction, he goes into the parts that come in the kit. For our #7710 kit, it comes with the #7700 soldering iron, charging base, 3 different tip styles (7545, 7546, 7566), a Titan Smart Torch, one of our Silver Bearing Solder Paste, lead-free solder, flux gel, solder sponge tip cleaning pad, heat shrink tubing in a variety of sizes, a handy carrying case, and an instruction manual. He discusses the likes and dislikes off the bat, such as liking that there is protection in the kit to prevent burning inside, but wishing there was a charging light on the iron or base. With the discussion of the kit coming to a close, he demonstrates how to charge the iron, and provides a demonstration on a circuit board.

To view his video and see how his demo goes, check out KK6USY Ham Radio Adventures video below, or click here to view his channel! Thank you again to KK6USY Ham Radio Adventures for reviewing our #7710 soldering iron kit!