Butane Soldering Iron Torch is the New Paintbrush

As a small manufacturer we don’t see many customers walk through our doors to purchase a product. But once in awhile we will see a few, including this customer who was using our butane soldering iron torch.

Pro 120 Butane Soldering Iron Kit (#7977)

A few months back a customer had stopped by to purchase a Pro 120 Butane Soldering Iron Torch Kit, so naturally we all gravitated towards him asking him about his projects and how he uses our soldering tools. He informed us that he uses our butane soldering torch and corded filer/sander kit to create gourd art! Something that was completely new to our office, he shared these pictures with us.

Currently, our corded filer/sander kit is off the market – but don’t worry, we’re coming out with something new!

For more information about our butane soldering iron torch, visit the online store.

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