Drain Cleaning Tool

Iso-Tip believes in offering valuable tools, usually cordless, to our customers that are convenient and worth discovering… Tools Worth Discovering, get it? While working within one of our other product lines through our parent company, Senasys. We came across this handy cordless drain cleaning tool. Although it doesn’t fit within the soldering realm, it’s still a necessity that any smart human may need in their tool kit.

Sometimes a drain snake just isn’t enough to clear out a line. When that’s the case, a CO2 drain tool is your best bet to make short work of stubborn clogs. There are a lot of drain guns on the market, but you’ll be hard pressed to find one that’s at a better price while still being good quality.

CO2 Drain Cleaning Tool Product Details

Our CO2 drain tool has a flexible hose with rubber tip and a max working pressure of 800 psi. The use of CO2 is both clean and environmentally friendly. Great for tough clogs in tough to reach areas! A must have tool for anyone doing contract work or who wants to avoid a call to the plumber. Simply insert a standard threaded CO2 cartridge and you’re ready to go!

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