Of course we LOVE see reviews about our products, but we really appreciated what the below YouTuber did with our tool. He put the Iso-Tip Rechargeable Soldering Iron to the test including the iron, charger and tips. Although he hasn’t worked with cordless soldering irons before due to hesitation of a battery operated tool performance, he was pleased with discovering our product line. Check out his complete review and torture test below.

Quick Charge Cordless Soldering Iron Kit-Click here to purchase!

The Iso-Tip Rechargeable Soldering Iron is available in a kit for when you may be traveling to other locations to complete a solder job. Rechargeable Soldering Tool Kit Model #7710 includes some of our customers favorite products in a handy carry case to take on the job to meet your portable soldering needs. Model 7710 Soldering Kit includes our #1 selling soldering iron that heats up to 900°F in less than 10 seconds!

Model #7710 Soldering Tool Kit includes:
  • 7700 Soldering Iron
  • Charging Base station
  • 3 different tip styles – 7545, 7546, 7566
  • Titan Smart Torch
  • Silver Bearing Solder Paste
  • Lead free Solder
  • Flux Gel
  • Solder Sponge tip cleaning pad
  • Heat Shrink Tubing – Assorted sizes
  • Handy Carry Case

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