An example of a project you can do

Simply move the heat gun over the wood, making sure to go with the grain. Go over the entire piece slowly and evenly, and you’ll make even a fresh cut piece of wood look distressed. The slower you go, the more the wood will darken. You can also add stain afterwards to really complete the look. Check out this article from Charleston Crafted to see some examples of finishes you can apply. For the advanced user, you can even use ammonium chloride to make patterns or designs. This article from Prodigal Pieces gives instructions on how to do that. Remember, you’re only limited by your imagination! to purchase our micro-therm heat gun!

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Product Description

As we’ve mentioned before, the Micro-Therm Heat Gun is a pretty handy tool. People are often surprised by just how versatile it is, so we thought we would share another one of its many uses with you.

This butane-powered, Piezo ignition, flame less heat gun is ideal for general heating and drying applications. The Smart Heat Micro-Therm heat gun can be used to activate adhesives and potting compounds, bend and form plastics and plastic laminates, bend PVC, preheat flux, remove windshield caulking, install heat shrink, tubing and solder-filled connections, manipulate molded plastic parts, stretch and repair vinyls and thaw frozen locks. If you want to eliminate flare or otherwise smooth out rough edges or parting lines then this small torch is perfect for you. The torch also features a comfortable palm grip and trigger with locking mechanism, in addition to an automatic shut-off.

Be sure to check out our Micro-Therm Heat Gun today! If you have any other practical uses for our heat gun, feel free to contact us or leave a comment below.