For another project we are working on, we have some 1/8″ clear acrylic we are looking at.  As long as it was on the desk I thought I’d try forming it with the Pro 50 butane torch.  Sure enough, after a pretty short time – 15 seconds? I was able to put a nice free form 90º angle in the material.  The ends of the corners swelled out a little with the bend. I also took a small strip and bent it along the cut axis and again got a little swelling on the inside corner and thinning on the outside corner.  This one didn’t look as nice as  the first one because of the orientation of the bend.  Either way though it was really easy to bend.  I look forward to doing some localized forming and shaping with it too.

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Pro 50 Butane Torch Bends Acrylic

Model #7971 Pro 50 Butane Torch

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