Quick Charge Soldering Iron Kit Used for Plastic Welding

Another day, another useful way to use our Quick Charge Soldering Iron Kit. This video is a perfect example of the true versatility of the Quick Charge. The customer wanted to put a hitch on his SUV, a pretty common occurrence if you ask me. However, there was no way that he was going to leave a big gaping hole underneath his vehicle. So, he did what any intelligent individual would do, and he brought out his Quick Charge Soldering Iron Kit, to get the job done quickly and efficiently. Using the Standard Fine Tip (#7545) soldering the plastic splash guard back onto his car was a breeze since the tip was able to reach 900°F within 10 seconds. Well folks it looks like I am off to buy myself a hitch and attach it to my SUV…in about 4 hours when my Quick Charge Soldering Iron is recharged!



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