Rechargeable Wireless Soldering Iron in HAM Radio Field

Hamrad88 YouTube Channel reviewed the Model# 7700 rechargeable wireless soldering iron. He thought our soldering iron worked great when he had a need to solder a handful of joints. Almost 25 joints depending on the wire size.

Typically, in the HAM radio industry, finding an available electrical outlet in the field can be hard to find. As a result, this makes our wireless soldering iron a great option! The wireless feature allows users to take the soldering iron on the go to the job site and get things done quickly and effectively. In addition to our great wireless soldering irons, we offer a great kit that has all your soldering tools: soldering iron, solder coil, sponge, tips, torch and more; all in a grab and go kit!

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Hamrad88 is a a HAM radio guru who produces YouTube videos to share with Smart Humans like you. As part of our pay-it-forward to Smart Humans, we sent an iron to express our appreciation for the work he does. Check out his other videos to learn more about HAM radios & antennas.

Thanks Hamrad88 for the great review!