Solder Tip Preventative Care

Here at Iso-Tip, we know that our customers want a product that will last. That’s why we believe in selling you good quality soldering irons and tips. However, even the best of equipment won’t last if not properly cared for. To ensure your Iso-Tip products last as long as possible, we recommend keeping the following points about solder tip preventative care in mind:

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Solder Tip Preventative CareUse High Quality Solder

The quality of solder you use has a huge impact on the lifespan of your solder tips. Low quality solder tends to have impurities, which build up on the tip and interfere with heat transfer. Obviously, a tip that isn’t able to transfer heat properly won’t work effectively. It may be tempting to go for the cheaper option when choosing solder, but the decreased lifespan of the tip ultimately makes a higher quality solder the more cost effective option.

Cleaning Your Solder Tips

We recommend that you clean your tips before and after use to ensure they work properly. Wiping the tip with a brass sponge or steel wool is your best bet to remove any particles or rust that may have built up. You can also use a wet cellulose sponge. Avoid using sandpaper, as it’s abrasiveness can scratch the tips.

Standard Chisel Tip – Model #7577

Tinning To Prevent Oxidation

Another way to protect your tips is to cover them in a thin layer of solder, also know as “tinning”. After you clean your tip, briefly touch the tip and the solder, covering the tip in a thin layer of solder. Tinning helps protect tips from oxidation by acting as a barrier between the tips and the air.

Storing Your Solder Tips

Whether soldering is a job or a hobby, sometimes we have to take a break from using our soldering irons for awhile. When this happens, it’s important to properly store your tips. After making sure the tips are clean and tinned, store them in sealed container, as this will help prevent oxidation. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, just a simple plastic container with a lid should do the trick.

Of course, you can’t take care of your soldering tips if you don’t have any! If you don’t, that’s a problem with an easy solution. We offer tips suitable for any project, so be sure to pick some up today. We offer standard, high-efficiency, and long life tips.

Our Long Life tips are nickel-plated to withstand long period of soldering time. Long Life tips are recommended for those who solder numerous connections. Soldering time is approximately 20 percent longer than our standard tips.

Our High-Efficiency tips heat up faster and provide 20 percent more soldering time than our standard tips. Tips reach soldering temperature in less than ten seconds and reach temperature of approximately 900°F.

Our Standard tips, which are anything but Standard, match any job and easily snap in and out of all Iso-Tip rechargeable soldering irons.

Hopefully you find these tips on solder tip preventative care useful! If you have any questions about your locally made Iso-Tip soldering irons or tips, contact us here.