Model #9004 Smart Torch Titan

The Smart Torch Titan, with its fully adjustable 2400°F precision flame, has enough intensity to wow even the most discerning gadget enthusiast. Its ignition system is both wind-resistant and completely water-proof. And just for fun, the Smart Torch Titan’s transparent fuel tank glows neon blue when in use – which is truly even more entertaining than it sounds. Seriously, the glowing blue tank may cause you to immediately ignite the Titan three or four times in a row for no other reason than to gaze into its mesmerizing brilliance. So go on! Burn things. Torch stuff. Make your friends jealous. What else is there – that is (of course) aside from the plethora of feature-filled insightful details below? Click here to check out the product page!


Aforementioned plethora of feature-filled insightful details:

  • Piezo wind-resistant and water-proof auto-ignition system
  • Up to 30 minutes of continuous operation
  • Instant 2400°F pinpoint flame
  • Refillable .18 ounce (5 gram) transparent fuel tank
  • Blue LED light glows while torch is ignited
  • Operates using butane fuel only
  • Packaged with full fuel tank
  • Fuel tank fill-valve centered on the easy-to-use twist flame adjuster
  • Protective flip-open cap
  • 1″ key chain with 7/8″ hoop
  • Pocket-sized: 1.4″ long, 2.8″ high, .8″ deep
  • Weight (when filled): 1.6 ounces (46 grams)
  • Handy amusing instructions and insightful smart aleck warnings included (see below)



Ready to add the Smart Torch Titan to your line up? As a cross between a disposable lighter and professional torch, this high-style and high-performance tool is perfect as a gift, promotional give-away or addition to your tool box. Plus, by ordering now you’ll get to look forward to receiving a bubble-wrapped package in a few days – and you know that’s exciting. Enough said. Except you may want to know that the model number for the Smart Torch Titan is 9004, list price is $9.95 and you can order by clicking here.


So, what do you think of the Smart Torch Titan? Any place in particular where you’d like to see it sold? How have you used the tool? Do tell!