Thoroughly clean joint area to be soldered. Remove cap from syringe and push plunger to apply the silver solder paste along joint area. Pull back slightly on plunger to stop flow of solder paste. Using a torch (recommended for most applications), place tip of flame 1/2″ from solder paste and evenly heat metal from one end of joint to the other, back and forth until paste breaks down and flows out (this will occur when metal temperature reaches 430°F). Soldering operation should be rapid to prevent burning of flux. If flux burns because heating was not rapid, residue will turn black or brown.

For certain electrical work such as battery terminals or circuit board work, a soldering iron is recommended. A small dab of silver solder paste should be spotted to the work piece and a hot soldering iron should be applied to the area to be soldered. Allow to cool and wash off flux residue using warm water and a stiff brush. You will have a superior silver finish solder joint or connection that will not blacken or tarnish.

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Storing Solder Paste

Silver Solder Paste needs to be stored at room temperature (78°F to 60°F). If stored in heat, material will thin and the flux and binder will tend to separate and a clear fluid will flow from the nozzle. If this occurs, cool the material to room temperature then stand the syringe upright with the plunger down and the nozzle upright. Take a thin wire and insert it into the nozzle and push down to penetrate the paste material to absorb the fluid by the paste. Leave the syringe upright for approximately 10 minutes. The solder paste should then be ready to use. If the paste is cold or frozen, bring the material to room temperature and use the same procedures as those used above.

Silver Bearing Solder Paste

Other Silver Solder Paste Details

  • No mess, no waste syringe
  • Ready to use – flux blended in – just add heat
  • Low melting point – flow smoothly at 430°F, re-melts at 650°F
  • Solders most metals
  • Use with butane torch, soldering iron, propane, acetylene, or mapp gas torch.
  • Finished joint is strong than base metal used – tensile strength up to 28,000 psi
  • 5X stronger than conventional solders
  • Extremely high electrical conductivity
  • Stress and vibration resistant
  • Provides strength without the distortion of high temperature brazing

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