Silver Solder Paste Tube

Just what is silver bearing solder paste?

It can do everything solder wire can do with one huge benefit. Our silver solder paste is made out of ultra-fine premium refined powder metals. With a 98% tin and 2% silver mixture combined with the flux the you need to prevent rust. It creates a solder that has a free flow melting point of just 400°F. Now what does that mean for you? It means you can melt our silver solder paste with just one match! Now you must be thinking, if it melts with just one match it can’t be a very strong bond can it? That’s where the ultra-fine powder comes into play. With the microscopic size of the metal particles it creates an extremely low melting point. Yet once it melts it is 10 times as strong as typical 60/40 solder.

What can you use silver bearing solder paste for?

The short Answer, anything. With the lack of lead, cadmium and antimony our silver solder paste is con-formative to the pure food laws. Another benefit to the use of a silver solder paste over standard solder is the high strength and resistance to breaking. Now you may think as a smart human why would I need a this strong of a solder for just soldering a resistor on a board? This solder paste can be used for so much more than just a computer circuit. You can use it in high movement or vibration machinery. Such as soldering inside of a motor or attaching a car battery terminal that just doesn’t fit like it used to. With its conformance to pure food laws it also fills the application of soldering stainless-steel piping and motors in commercial food machines such as an industrial dishwasher and repairs on a factory production line.

What are the benefits to using a silver solder paste versus a wire rod?

Another great question asked by a smart human. One of the benefits of solder paste over soldering wire is its ability to act as a helping hand. When you use our silver solder paste, the viscosity of the paste allows it to hold lightly hold small objects. This frees up your hands to create a proper joint. Yet another amazing property of this special blend of silver solder paste is to solder both ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Even better, the flux is mixed right into it. This means you don’t have to swap out your solder mid-way through a job just because the machine your working on has two different boards.

What can’t silver bearing solder paste do?

There is no solder job that is to tough for silver solder paste. Now that being said we have heard back from people who have used for some pretty odd jobs. There are the normal applications like soldering pipes and building boards. Then there are the problem solvers and creative thinkers. We have heard of people using it to fix there guitars. In order to plug a hole in their coffee tumbler. We have even heard of customer who made a 25-foot chord for the cell phone charger. There are many things you can do with our silver solder paste. One customer told us he keeps a Solder Pro 90 and a tube of silver solder paste in his glove compartment for quick fixes. If you think you’ve done something that would stand out. Or maybe something we may not have thought of let us know. We always like to hear from the smart humans who buy our products.

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