As we’ve mentioned before, a soldering iron is a handy tool for musicians, especially for those who are on the road. When traveling you don’t always have time to go to a repair shop when something breaks or isn’t working. I recently talked to a customer who uses his model 7700 soldering iron to make audio cables for his band. I thought that sounded like an interesting application, so I thought I would write a quick guide on making and repairing audio cables.


The first thing you’ll need to do is cut the wire to length. You should do this with a sharp knife or wire cutter. Scissors tend to not be sharp enough, so I wouldn’t recommend using them. Next, remove the outer jacket. You can use a knife or wire strippers for this part. Just be careful not to cut into the wires themselves. You will then need to twist the braided shield to form the ground wire. Use your knife to remove any excess material. Strip the insulation from the inner wires and then tin them.

A prepped audio cable


At this point, it’s time to solder the wires and connector together. You may want to get some helping hands to hold the wire steady. Make sure to hold the connector in place until the solder cools. One you’ve made the connection, give the wire a slight tug to make sure everything is secure. Congratulations! You’ve got yourself an audio cable. Be sure to perform a continuity test and then your cable will be ready to use.


If you’re looking to repair a damaged audio cable, simply cut off the damaged section and then follow the same process as you would for making an audio cable.

Sounds simple enough, right? It absolutely is! After a little bit of practice, you’ll be a whiz at making and repairing audio cables.

Know of any other music related uses for a soldering iron? Be sure to contact us. Also make sure to check out our store if you need a reliable soldering iron. Our model 7700 cordless soldering iron is one of the most reliable on the market. Buy one today!