Currently, all Iso-Tip products include a 1-year warranty with purchase. extended warrantyWhen you purchase a 7700 or 8000 Iso-Tip soldering iron however, you have the option to add an additional year to that warranty for a $25 fee, giving your soldering iron an extended warranty of 2 years instead of 1. This warranty covers any and all repairs or replacements at no charge to the customer if the iron is functioning improperly for any reason. Simply send the iron to us and we will repair or replace at no fee if it is under the warranty period. If you’re unsure how to obtain the extended warranty, we have the steps below:


1. Decide whether a 7700 or an 8000 iron would fit your project needs better. Both irons function in the same way, but the 8000 recharges a bit faster than the 7700, can solder more joints per charge than the 7700, and has a LiFePO4 battery versus the 7700’s Ni-Cd. Check them out here!Iso-Tip 7700 and 8000 soldering irons
2. Before adding your chosen iron to your cart, you will notice an “Extended Warranty” drop down option. Click on this and choose “Yes” to add that additional year extended warranty to your iron.
3. Choose your quantity and add to cart.
4. Make sure you’ve also added any extra tips or accessories to your cart for your iron, and then checkout.
5. Keep your receipt, if you need to send your iron in for repair or replacement within the 2-year warranty, make sure to send us a copy of your extended warranty purchase receipt so we know it’s covered for 2 years.

Extend your Iso-Tip cordless soldering iron’s warranty from 1 to 2 years today to ensure your iron is in shape when you need it most! As always, contact us here with any questions!


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